Frequently Asked Questions

I have the data, but I don’t know what statistical procedure should be applied on it. Can I get in touch with Psihometar?

Sure! You can get in touch with us and describe the nature of your data and the purpose you want to use it for. After reviewing all the relevant information, we will inform you if your data can be used for the purpose you intended and what statistical analyses should be performed on it.

I would like you to conduct a certain statistical procedure, but I don’t see it on the list of techniques you offer. Can I contact Psihometar?

We have tried to display most of the statistical and psychometric analyses we conduct on our website. If you need to conduct an analysis that is not listed on our site, you can send us an inquiry, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to conduct the analysis you’re looking for. The response to your inquiry will usually be sent within two working days, except in the cases when an automatic response system informs you about a longer response period.

I would like Psihometar to conduct some statistical analyses or to input my data, but I am worried about data privacy and security. What do you 
offer regarding those issues?

We pay special attention to protection of privacy and we will sign a Data confidentiality contract with all clients who express their concerns about data privacy. A sample of the Contract can be found here, but, specific details in the Contract are subject to change depending on the type of the service, nature of the data and needs of the client.

It is important to point out that we do not take any material or criminal responsibility if the client is breaking laws, bylaws or their obligations to third parties by delivering the data to us.

How does Psihometar conduct analyses?

We conduct analyses exclusively by using the R programming language. The packages we use most often are ggplot2, psych, lavaan, mirt and cluster, although we use many other packages in our work.

Aside from data analysis, I need someone to collect the data that will be analysed. Can I hire Psihometar for that job?

Unfortunately, due to practical and legal obligations that data collection would entail us to, Psihometar does not perform data collection. The client is responsible for data collection and for respecting all acts related to obtaining participants’ consent, data security and other issues related to the legality of data collection. The client is also responsible for finding the adequate space to store own data. But, you can get in touch with us to get our help with planning data collection so that the said data can be adequately analysed afterwards.

I want to test a psychological trait in my employees/candidates. Can I get in touch with Psihometar to obtain the questionnaires?

Unfortunately, Psihometar does not offer the services of distribution of existing questionnaires and tests. If you want to use a commercial test or a questionnaire, you have to buy it from the author or the distributor who holds the copyright. You can find some free tests and questionnaires online, but, their validity and reliability is often unknown and therefore we do not recommend to use such tests, with certain exceptions such as the International Personality Item Pool questionnaires.
You should also keep in mind that it is possible that, depending on the legal regulations in your country of residence, you may be obliged to have a hired psychologist to apply certain psychological tests.

I would like to order data input services from Psihometar. How does it function?

Data input services are mostly intended for domestic (Croatian) clients who have collected their data using the pen-and-paper questionnaires, polls or tests. It is important to point out that our headquarters are in Zaprešić near Zagreb and we can personally meet you to collect the tests/questionnaires only in Zagreb area. Although it is possible to send input materials via post, we do not recommend that option since we cannot guarantee the safety of the parcel.

What are the prices of Psihometar’s services?

The prices of the services we offer, except for the type of the service, also depend on the quantity of the data and the time needed to process it. We invite you to send us an inquiry and to describe the nature of your data and the purpose you want to use it for, after which we will send you our offer that will include the price of the service. We will usually send you the offer in one working day, except in the cases when an automatic response system informs you about a longer response period.

What is the method of payment for the services?

We will issue you an invoice for the performed services. Payment is possible only through the bank account on IBAN HR6523600001102733709, open at Zagrebačka banka d.d.

Disclaimer of liability: Psihometar, craft for data analysis, owner Augustin Mutak is not liable in the event of impossibility of performing certain analyses due to the nature of the data, inadequacy of data for some of the statistical analyses, insufficient number of subjects or variables, technical problems in the data or errors or faults in the software packages used to analyse the data.