What is Psihometar?

Psihometar is a craft for data analysis that offers a wide range of services of data input, statistical analysis and interpretation. If you need data analysis, you can get in touch with Psihometar in any phase or during the whole process of analysing your data.

What does Psihometar offer?

Statistical and psychometric data analysis

Psihometar will conduct the statistical analyses you need on your data. We offer services of basic statistical analyses that include descriptive statistics, comparison of differences between groups or situation and correlations, but also advanced statistical and psychometric analyses such as regression analysis, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, cluster analysis, structural equation modeling or item response theory. The overview of techniques we offer can be found on the Techniques page.

Project evaluation

We also offer services of evaluation of your programs or project using statistical data such as data collected on evaluation forms during the project. We also offer advice during the preparation for evaluation of your project. We deliver the project evaluation to you in the form of a written report.

Data input and cleaning

We also offer data input services. If you collected your data on a pen-and-paper questionnaire, we will manually input the data in the computer program. If you collected the data electronically, we offer data cleaning services, i.e. we format the data in the shape that is required by software that will subsequently be used to analyse the data.

We use the R programming language in our work.

Craft owner

Augustin Mutak

MA in psychology

Owner of the Psihometar craft is Augustin Mutak, MA in psychology. He obtained his degree at the University of Zagreb. During his studies he gained a rich experience in statistical analyses through conducting scientific studies and participating in projects financed by EU funds. After finishing his studies he spent two months as an academic visitor at the University of Oxford, where he additionally expanded his knowledge. He is the author of the cosinor2 package for R.

General information about the craft

Title: Psihometar, obrt za obradu podataka, vl. Augustin Mutak
Title in English: Psihometar, craft for data analysis, owner Augustin Mutak
Address: Ulica Antuna Mihanovića 42, Zaprešić
OIB (Personal Identification Number): 93547369936
MBO (Craft Number): 97932604
VAT: HR93547369936
IBAN: HR6523600001102733709
Bank: Zagrebačka banka d.d.

Disclaimer of liability: Psihometar, craft for data analysis, owner Augustin Mutak is not liable in the event of impossibility of performing certain analyses due to the nature of the data, inadequacy of data for some of the statistical analyses, insufficient number of subjects or variables, technical problems in the data or errors or faults in the software packages used to analyse the data.